Investigative Update #1 Flight Manifest

Analyst in running these names against any known terrorist affiliation. Investigators scan the list of names. As the investigation continues, identify possible people waiting in the area to ask any relevant interview questions.


  1. Mila Antonov (Boarded)
  2. Lada Nikolave (Boarded)
  3. Ivan Sabokoff (Boarded)
  4. Chesna Davidovic (Boarded)
  5. Dragan Molotov (Boarded)
  6. Casimir Krupin (Not Boarded)
  7. Miroslav Sobol (Boarded)
  8. Dimitri Bogdanic (Boarded)
  9. Jaroslaw Brankobic (Boarded)
  10. Kristina Bogdanov (Not Boarded)
  11. Marzanna Cermak (Boarded)
  12. Andrei Bartos (Not Boarded)
  13. Beyla Fontikova (Boarded)
  14. Kamilia Jelinek (Not Boarded)
  15. Janika Sevcenko (Boarded)
  16. Bella Kovalevsky (Not Boarded)
  17. Nikita Grabow (Boarded)
  18. Borislav Krupick (Boarded)
  19. Anton Sabokoff (Not Boarded)