Better Business from the Bureau

An FBI Hostage Negotiator shares his secrets

What if you could easily get prospects and potential partners to see things your way and ultimately, give you what you want? How would that transform your business and your life?

Former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey helps audiences discover how to apply the bureau’s legendary negotiation techniques to any business situation.  You won’t need to scale the wall at Quantico to learn Chip’s FBI negotiation techniques–you just have to hear this riveting speech!

The first step in influencing others is to understand their point of view. Chip starts by leading the audience in “Strategic Listening Skills.”  This will give your audience a whole new set of tools to defuse any crisis, close any deal, sell their ideas, raise investment capital, win a new client or snag that big promotion. And they won’t even need local law enforcement, a SWAT team, or an FBI posse to back them up!

Using his FBI insider information, Chip will reveal how to:

  • Speed read the other side. People relax around those who “get them.” Making people feel understood is the quickest way to build trust, create confidence, and get their buy-in.
  • Sharpen your senses­–including that famous sixth sense, the feeling that something’s not quite right.
  • Kill ’em with kindness. Forge fast and firm alliances and make the prospect feel that you’re on their side and have their best interests at heart.
  • Know when to summon your “SWAT Team.” How to assess your assets and advantages in advance so you know when to deploy the big guns to gain a tactical advantage.
  • Boost believability. Practice Forensic Listening™ to let people know that you really hear them and are worthy of their trust.
  • Disarm the deceivers. Dealing with a liar is a common negotiation pitfall.

Acquire the tools to spot and defuse a liar, and no, it’s not about whether they maintain eye contact!

  • Walk the talk. Acquire Chip’s non-verbal communication techniques to express your best intentions – and mean it.
  • Engage and inspire. Let’s face it, most people can smell a sales pitch like an airport police dog sniffing for drugs. Learn to convince others that your big idea is so good, they’ll wish they’d thought of it themselves.
  • Defuse conflict and overcome resistance. Chip has used his crisis intervention techniques to navigate incredibly challenging life and death situations. Applying these tactics to your daily interactions at work and at home is both empowering and incredibly effective.

Of the handful of people in the world who have been through Quantico’s elite hostage negotiation training, Chip is the only one translating it for the business environment. His unique combination of tales from the FBI trenches and actionable advice will teach your audience to skillfully and consistently move any negotiation to the desired outcome.  Every audience member will go home with the knowledge, insight, and ability to engage, convince, and influence others–in business and in life.