How to Hire Us

Consulting FAQs

Thinking of hiring us for consulting?

Here’s a quick FAQ about working with us:

What’s a good client fit?

We have provided our elite training programs on convincing with Fortune 500 companies like SAP, Goldman Sachs and Facebook. We use a proprietary process we developed called the Convince Me Method.

For crisis communications, we work with CEOs of top-tier companies as well as association leaders to solve crisis quickly and effectively. Adele Cehrs is a world-renowned crisis expert and has been a contributor to the Wall Street Journal Crisis of the Week Column as well as a speaker two times at the United Nations on communications and conflict. Chip Massey worked as an FBI special agent and hostage negotiator for 22 year and regularly comments on breaking news. Crisis is our life’s work. If you are having one – we can solve it. 

For executive visibility, we work with executives (Directors or above) looking to make a career move or get noticed in their industry through media or speaking engagements. From the CEO of Lockheed Martin to the President of the United States – we have the chops to get you noticed.

Here’s how we'll start
  • Our process to get started is typically between 5 – 7 business days. This includes deciding on a quick diagnostic assessment of your business and how we can help. 
  • NOTE: For crisis communications work, we can start within hours, once the contract is signed and the wire transfer is received. 
What does a typical engagement cost?

Our engagements are typically between $10,000 — $100K.  

  • If you are in a crisis, our assessments start at $15,000 — $30,000 to quickly get you up and running with a real-time solution.   
  • For executive visibility, projects are customized to meet individual goals. Our minimum level of engagement is $7,500 – $25,000. 
  • For elite training programs, they range depending on the size of the staff being trained, whether it is in person or Zoom, etc. Please inquire about the price. 
Where and how do you work?

We are based in Washington, DC and NYC.  You will work with Adele and Chip directly. We do have support staff – but we are our client’s primary, day-to-day contacts. We typically meet with clients on a bi-weekly basis. 

What services do you offer?