Chip Massey

Former FBI Special Agent Chip Massey has led high-profile criminal cases, investigated the September 11th terrorist attacks, tracked down spies with the CIA, and spearheaded the New York FBI Office’s Crisis Negotiations Teams–in all five boroughs.

Prior to joining the FBI, Chip honed his ability to connect and empathize with others as a pastor in two churches on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Those natural skills proved to be valuable additions to the techniques he learned at Quantico. They also make him an exceptionally popular and engaging speaker, teacher, and consultant.

Today, Chip Massey applies the high-stakes negotiation skills he refined during his 20 + years in federal law enforcement to the business world. As co-founder of The Convincing Company, Chip teaches executives and their teams how to use the bureau’s sophisticated communication and negotiation techniques in professional situations of all kinds.

His clients include technology startups, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Samsung, and Goldman Sachs.

A natural communicator and teacher, Chip has trained FBI agents, police officers, and various federal officials in hostage negotiation, de-escalation, and other law enforcement techniques. Additionally, he has taught thousands of military personnel and civilians at West Point, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, and other high-profile universities.