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This is not the same-old kind of business speaking.

Want to catch a fireball of energy – and add suspense, laughter and unusually high results to your next event? Book Chip or Adele…or both! This is not the same-old kind of business speaking. Adele and Chip employ their respectively wildly unusual career stories to make sure your audience will never forget their key deliverables:

  • Discover how to use the top FBI level persuasion techniques in any situation
  • Creating a viral, enticing calls-to-action inside your organization
  • Spectacular, memorable strategies to influence anyone to do pretty much anything you desire
  • The specifics of using language to change other people’s minds – whether they know it or not
  • How to talk so people will listen, especially during a crisis
  • White House tested “fact drops” – get people to hear your side of the story even amid a lot of noise and distraction
  • Why people want someone to convince them – and how to be that person


You’d think these highly desirable topics would require extreme effort, but Chip and Adele make it easy – and fun! Your audience will find themselves “laughing it in” while they learn how to become more persuasive in every situation, every day.

  • All speeches are available live or virtual
  • Ask about customization – we’d love to make this your best event ever
  • These keynotes are available in longer format by request

Adele and Chip’s Speeches

Better Business From The Bureau

What if you could easily get prospects and potential partners to see things your way and ultimately, give you what you want? How would that transform your business and your life? Former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey helps audiences discover how to apply the bureau’s legendary negotiation techniques to any business situation.

Convince Them

What’s the single most valuable skill in business and in life? The ability to convince others. Whether we’re trying to make a sale, close a deal, obtain a promotion, or gain support for an to do what we want them to do, buy what we want them to buy, agree with us and support our ideas, our days are filled with interactions that hinge on our powers of persuasion.

Captivate, Connect, Convince

Knowing how to consistently influence others to act how you want to them act takes strategy and a bit of practice. Former public relations adviser to top business and government leaders, Adele Cehrs has used her powers of persuasion on CEOs, corporate shareholders, consumers, and even on the toughest customers: her two young children.

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