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Leverage Your Inner Influencer

“You are getting sleepy. Veeeerrry sleepy,” the hypnotist drones. You go slightly cross-eyed and your eyes lose their focus. Your jaw loosens. The trance takes hold and next thing you know, he’s got you flapping your arms and clucking like a chicken!

If only convincing people was this easy. Just think of the sales you could make, the deals you could close, the raises you could score! Not to mention talking your spouse into trading that grueling wilderness trek they’re planning for a chill beach vacay.

The stark truth: it isn’t.  Knowing how to consistently influence others to act how you want to them act takes strategy and a bit of practice.  Former public relations adviser to top business and government leaders, Adele Cehrs has used her powers of persuasion on CEOs, corporate shareholders, consumers, and even on the toughest customers: her two young children.

In this dynamic and engaging presentation, your audience will enjoy discovering her proven CONVINCE ME™ technology.  This will transform your team into compelling communicators and better persuaders in every situation.  

Here’s what your audience will be able to do once they hear Adele’s presentation:

  • Use neuroscience principles to transform your opponent’s unconscious chemical reaction to you and your point of view
  • Move past your self-image as a “bad communicator” and tap into skills you didn’t know you had
  • Use mirroring to draw people in, share their emotional energy, and gain their trust
  • Establish your integrity as a negotiator by clearly explaining your interests, the interests of your opposition, and the interests you share
  • Read the people, the room, the mood and the situation quickly
  • Decipher the person’s thoughts by interpreting their cadence, intonation, and speech patterns
  • Uncover the other person’s “hidden narrative”
  • Implement proven strategies to control the dialogue
  • Identify and overcome the knee-jerk behaviors that could sabotage you
  • Tailor your message to the listener’s personality
  • Boost your image as a great communicator, negotiator, presenter, role model, and thought leader

 Becoming a Convincing Communicator Could Change Your Life

 Imagine being just one or two convincing strategies away from getting what you want in business and in life.

 Convince Me™ offers you a tool kit to strategically tailor your approach to the person you’re engaging with and lead them to agree with the outcome you seek.

 And as for the dopamine rush that comes from successfully convincing more and more people to see and do things your way… don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

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