Are you convinced you are doing everything you can to advance your career?

If you can’t convince yourself, you need to attend our workshop. Learn why Samsung, United Nations and Facebook rely on our Convince Me workshop to teach their executives innovative persuasion techniques.

Facilitated by Chip Massey and communications expert Adele Cehrs, this workshop is an in-person, one-day event open to individual participants.

Why is the Convince Me workshop a game changer for anyone in business?

We show you how to use the single most important skill any professional can have: The ability to communicate your thinking, convince others to see things your way, and get the outcome you want. In addition, you will walk away with $4,000 in takeaway materials to easily share your learnings with your colleagues.

Whats included in this workshop

  • Negotiate your way in – and out – of anything with group lessons from a former FBI hostage negotiator.

  • Make smarter decisions with little information and even less time.

  • Learn “cold reading” techniques to get to people’s intrinsic motivations.

  • Tap into the neuroscience of persuasion and break through emotional resistance using the Convince Me Methodology.

  • Get one-on-one advice on persuasion and salesmanship from former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey.

  • Access our video library of secret methods for being more convincing. Inspire trust as soon as you walk into a room.

  • Learn no-pressure convincing tactics to ace any high-pressure business situation.
  • Participate in hands-on curriculum developed by communications expert and WSJ contributor Adele Cehrs.
  • Acquire 15 proven convincing techniques.
  • Create a personal road map with strategies to become a master convincer in 30 days.
  • Participate in live role-player-scenarios (only six spots available per workshop).
  • Receive personalized taped feedback from Chip and Adele.

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Purchase your ticket for this in-person, one-day event for individual participants, facilitated by former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey and communications expert Adele Cehrs.

DATE: Chicago, IL • May 2022