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Convince Them: How to Use Neuroscience, FBI Techniques, and Forensic Listening to Get More of What You Want from Other People

The Convince Me method hands everyone who takes the virtual training the FBI-tested tools to communicate more successfully in all types of interactions and convince people that their way… is the best way. 

In just X days/hours/minutes, you will discover the X key tricks of the trade to be able to communicate convincingly, boost your confidence, engender harmony, and have a permanent positive impact on you, your business and its bottom line. 


  • How to Guide Any Conversation Exactly Where You Want It to Go Ripped from an FBI Hostage Negotiator Playbook
  • How to Create a sense of Empathy and Connection with Even the Most Challenging Colleagues or Customers by Moving Them from a “Me vs. Them” to a “We” Mindset
  • Sophisticated Ways to Dial the Emotional Tenor of Any Conversation Up or Down As Needed Based on Training from Quantico
  • Use Pitch, Tone, and Cadence to Subconsciously Direct the Other Person’s Emotions
  • Use Cutting-Edge Neuroscience to Literally Alter the Unconscious Chemical Reactions in the Other Person’s Brain

There needs to be WAY more sales copy. This isn’t even descriptive of the product/service you’re offering. If you don’t have time for copywriting, I can recommend some people.