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Convince Them: How to Use Neuroscience, FBI Techniques, and Forensic Listening to Get More of What You Want from Other People

While your complete world domination might be a wee bit of a fantasy, in this edge-of-your-seat thriller speech, Chip Massey – former hostage negotiator for the FBI – and Adele Cehrs – voted Washington DC’s top crisis communications consultant and former owner of a boutique PR agency – are about to give you the Top Secret For-Your-Eyes-Only tips, tricks and strategies that will help you exert far greater influence on others…with a smile on your face…without them even noticing you’re doing it.

Whether we’re trying to make a sale, close a deal, obtain a promotion, or gain support for an idea, our days are filled with interactions that hinge on our powers of persuasion.

Mastering the ability to convince others transforms lives and careers.  These dynamic speakers can teach your audience the sophisticated strategies, subtle techniques, and proven insider tricks to control any interaction and move it towards the desired outcome. This single critical skill will serve your audience well for the rest of their lives.

Your people will be able to:

  • Guide any conversation exactly where they want it to go
  • Create a sense of empathy and connection with even the most challenging colleagues or customers by moving them from a “me vs. them” to at “we” mindset
  • Dial the emotional tenor of any conversation up or down as needed
  • Use pitch, tone, and cadence to subconsciously direct the other person’s emotions
  • Know for certain when the other person is bluffing (hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with eye contact)
  • Set mental tripwires to measure how a negotiation is progressing
  • Uncover the “unstated narrative” (what’s REALLY going on in the other person’s mind) through the power of Forensic Listening™
  • Use cutting edge neuroscience to literally alter the unconscious chemical reactions in the other person’s brain
  • Build a sense of camaraderie and connection that inspires others to look forward to the next communication

The Convince Me method hands everyone in your audience the FBI-tested tools to communicate more successfully in all types of interactions and convince people that their way… is the best way.  Teaching a team to communicate convincingly, internally and externally, will boost confidence, engender harmony, and have a permanent positive impact on a business and its bottom line.