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Crisis Communications Consulting

When your organization faces a crisis of public perception, you have just 24 to 48 hours to make hundreds of little decisions.  Each may seem insignificant on its own, but they all interact. Sometimes, these decisions reinforce each other. Sometimes, they cancel other out. In the end, all these little decisions could impact how your company is perceived for the next month, year and maybe even decade. Your leadership, your legacy and your brand are all at stake. Can you afford to get it wrong?

 It is your job as a business leader to know how to convince the public to give you a chance to explain your actions and get the forgiveness you need and deserve to get back to business.

At the Convincing Company, we have helped our clients make decisions under fire many times over.  We have studied how audiences respond to certain words, phrases, faces and ideas in times of a crisis. We know how these situations can shift, and how the tiniest misstep can devolve into a huge blunder. This type of expertise is a specialty we are known for.

Many people claim to be crisis experts, but few can say they are an award-winning corporate fixer like Adele Cehrs, or a former FBI hostage negotiator like Chip Massey who talked down a would-be bank robber. Pardon the humblebrag, but we’ve provided advice for companies like Goldman Sachs, Samsung, DuPont and Lockheed Martin, each facing a different type of issue, each in need of expert counsel.  

We have helped our clients navigate difficult times, defuse worrisome situations and sometimes even turn a business problem into a win. Our business is based on trust and referrals from clients who appreciate what we bring to the table: convincing strategies that help give you, your company and your reputation a second chance. We have a well-defined protocol, and a clearly mapped process. Do you know the three factors that should cause you to wait before responding? We do.