Rent Adele’s & Chip’s Brain


The purpose of this call is to give you access to the two of the most convincing people on the planet: former FBI hostage negotiator Chip Massey and his business partner and top DC publicist Adele Cehrs. Learn convincing techniques they’ve taught companies, nonprofits and C-suite executives. You’ll discover how to dramatically be more convincing in your business and life.


Set up a call with Chip and Adele

When we talk, you will get my undivided attention and industry-insider answers to your questions – answers that will help you get results faster and easier than you can on your own – guaranteed or your money back.


Here’s how it works when you “rent” my brain for an hour:
  1. I respect that your hour with me is an investment in your future, so I take it seriously. When you sign up now, you will get an email that invites you to choose an appointment time that works best for your schedule. (Check your spam filter if you don’t have it within 5 minutes).
  2. At least 2 business days before your appointment, email us anything you want us read, see, review or watch about your convincing style. You can also include a list of questions you want answered during our call (see below). Our time together will be spent creating an efficient, proven, effective strategy to help you reach your goals.  Chances are we’ll even have fun doing it! Of course, I hope that our call helps you transform into the kind of professional that our company can successfully represent, but please note that renting my brain does not guarantee representation by the Convincing Company, now nor in the future.
  3. At the appointed time, just call in. If your request it, your call CAN be recorded so you can listen to the valuable advice you’ll get over and over again. All calls are done via recorded Zoom, unless you request a different option.  You will get a copy of the recording when we’re done, so you can review.
  4. We will carefully and patiently answer your questions, talk to you about your objectives and give you my 100% focused attention to help you break through any obstacles that are keeping you from your success. You will get our very best insights and success strategies we’ve refinded with a combined four decades convincing others.


Absolute Call Value Guarantee

Halfway through our call, we will ask you if you feel you are getting more than your money’s worth out of the interaction. If you say no, we will refund all your money instantly and the call will end right there. If you say “Yes!” and we will continue to come up with great plans, ideas and systems to help you achieve your ultimate desire to become a master convincer.


What Clients are Saying

“I wish I’d met you five years before I started selling my product! I would have saved myself so much wasted time. I thought I understood what people were looking for, but now it is so much clearer how to get people to buy. That was an incredibly valuable hour, Adele and Chip. Thank you – and wow!”

— Brett G.