Marie Incontrera

“The workshop taught me valuable trust-building and emotional intelligence skills in real-time. The simulated hostage negotiation brilliantly puts theory into practice.”

2x TEDx Speaker, Author, (TEDx, social media, podcast), entrepreneur Author, entrepreneur, and speaker (TEDx, social media, podcasts)
Bryan Lawrence

“The Crisis Negotiation Workshop will show you how hostage negotiators build trust and de-escalate anger in others in a high-stakes negotiation. These are fascinating skills that are useful in business and in life.”

Yorktown Partners
John Lynn

“As someone who deals with a variety of high-pressure situations multiple times a day, I really appreciated the workshop led by Chip Massey and Adele Cehrs. There is clear value in getting instruction from a former FBI hostage negotiator on how to optimize crisis conditions present, use rapport and trust building to favorably influence events and people. I was so impressed by the content and teaching method we brought them into our company to provide the same workshop to our teams and clients. I highly recommend them!”

Accelerator Founder and Thought Leader         
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