Private Consulting

Rent Chip's and Adele's Brain


The ability to convince others.Whether you are trying to make a sale, close a deal, get that promotion, or make other people want to support your idea, you want to master the ability to convince others. Think about it: Your success depends on your powers of persuasion. Just a single hour on the phone or ZOOM with Chip and Adele can make a big difference.

When you rent our brains for a single hour, you get:

  • Two world class, proven experts to help you plan your strategy for getting your way.
  • Access to decades of insight and experience in high level convincing strategies.
  • A peek into FBI negotiation techniques for life-or-death situations and insight into how those techniques can apply to the business world.
  • The choicest words and phrases that you can literally use minutes after you hang up with us to persuade the other party to see things your way.
  • A customized game plan to help you win in whatever situation prompted you to call us.

These strategies work for

  • Closing a difficult negotiation.
  • Dealing with difficult clients.
  • Resolving a conflict with your boss.
  • Obtaining investment funds.
  • Getting the job or the raise.
  • Launching a new product or service with convincing messaging.
  • Opening conversations with new prospects.
  • Getting into the news and out of the news.
  • Expanding into new markets or territories, even international ones.
  • Guiding a business partner make the choice you prefer.
  • Handling reputational problems.
  • Apologizing after a public misstep.
  • Resolving a partnership dispute.


FIRST, you will not only get our expert advice on the situation you’re facing right now, but you will learn some ultra-useful convincing strategies that you can leverage in other parts of your life in the future.

SECOND, your time is guaranteed! Halfway through the call, we will pause the session and ask you if you are getting the value for your money that you expected. If yes, you will continue. If not, the call will end right there, your money will be instantly refunded and we will part amiably.

Mastering the ability to convince others transforms lives and careers. Former FBI hostage negotiator and special agent Chip Massey and award-winning business communicator Adele Cehrs will give you the proven  techniques and insider strategic thinking skills to control any interaction and move toward the desired outcome.

$1,000 for a one-hour session. Guaranteed.